When you think of organising an event and want it to be memorable, do not hesitate to hire a photographer. Because, the party hall you hire will expire within a day or two, the food you order will be digested in a day, the fun you have will end once the crowd disperse; but its only the pictures shot during the party will stick with you forever. Hence it becomes very crucial to hire a good photographer who can capture the moments, emotion and energy of the event which you can flip through later in your life to bring back your joyful memory. 

Below pricing are just guidelines, but are customisable based on your need and budget. Do not hesitate to contact me to get the quote.

Kids, Family, Couples photo session:

Price: $450 AUD
Duration: Appx 3 hours
Copies: Pictures in DVD. There is no limit to the number of pictures. All that are shot will be handed over to you.
For prints, please contact us.   

Events (Birthday & Community Gathering) :  

Price: $550 AUD
Duration: Appx 4 hours.
Copies: Pictures in DVD. No limits to the number of pictures. 
For prints, please contact us.  

Engagement & Wedding:
Price: $750 AUD
Duration: Appx 6 hours.
Copies: All pictures in DVD.
For prints, please contact us.  

Outside Sydney:

I am open  for outside Sydney shoots provided all the travel and  accommodation expenses are taken care by the client. 

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